install dosemu
install smbfs

mount -t cifs //storage01-mcp/data/DPFiles /mnt/dpfiles -o username=mcp\\tdobes,ro

in PuTTY:

terminal: enable blinking text
terminal -> features: disable remote-controlled window title changing
terminal -> keyboard -> function keys: Xterm
terminal -> bell -> beep using the pc speaker
window -> 25 rows
          when window is resized: change size of font
          0 lines of scrollback
          disable display scrollbar
window -> appearance -> cursor appearance: underline, blinks
window -> behavior -> window title: Alpha Four
                      disable window closes on alt-f4
                      system menu appears on alt-space
                      fullscreen on alt-enter
window -> translation -> UTF-8
window -> selection -> windows
connection -> SSH -> remote command: dosemu a4

lredir t: linux\fs\mnt\dpfiles
lredir p: linux\fs\opt
lredir u: linux\fs\home\tdobes\.alpha4
cd p:\alpha4
p:a4v7.exe -D#T:\SCRIPTS

still not working:
control+left/right - move by one word
control+backspace - clear field:

if I set
terminal -> keyboard: backspace key = ctrl+h
			^H = normal
			^? = ctrl+backspace
...but dosemu doesn't seem to imperpret this properly

read keypresses with "showkey -a"
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