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 all: info/​init_ok all: info/​init_ok
  dab bootstrap --minimal  dab bootstrap --minimal
- dab exec aptitude -y purge dmidecode isc-dhcp-client isc-dhcp-common+ dab exec aptitude -y purge dmidecode isc-dhcp-client isc-dhcp-common dhcp3-common
  dab install locales  dab install locales
  sed -e 's/^# en_US.UTF-8/​en_US.UTF-8/'​ -i ${BASEDIR}/​etc/​locale.gen  sed -e 's/^# en_US.UTF-8/​en_US.UTF-8/'​ -i ${BASEDIR}/​etc/​locale.gen
Line 39: Line 39:
  cat sources.list > ${BASEDIR}/​etc/​apt/​sources.list  cat sources.list > ${BASEDIR}/​etc/​apt/​sources.list
  dab exec aptitude forget-new  dab exec aptitude forget-new
 + rm ${BASEDIR}/​etc/​ssh/​ssh_host_*_key*
  dab finalize  dab finalize
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