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 SUBSYSTEM=="​block",​ SYSFS{idVendor}=="​064f",​ SYSFS{idProduct}=="​03e9",​ OPTIONS+="​ignore_device"​ SUBSYSTEM=="​block",​ SYSFS{idVendor}=="​064f",​ SYSFS{idProduct}=="​03e9",​ OPTIONS+="​ignore_device"​
-# change owner for /​dev/​bus/​usb node: +# change owner for /​dev/​bus/​usb node, load sg module
-SYSFS{idVendor}=="​064f",​ SYSFS{idProduct}=="​03e9",​ OWNER="​codemeter"</​file>​+SYSFS{idVendor}=="​064f",​ SYSFS{idProduct}=="​03e9",​ OWNER="​codemeter", RUN+="/​sbin/​modprobe -b sg"</​file>​ 
 +  * put ''​Server.ini''​ in ''/​opt/​codemeter/​etc'',​ then ''​mkdir /etc/wibu && ln -s /​opt/​codemeter/​etc /​etc/​wibu/​CodeMeter''​ 
 +  * make sure there'​s a codemeter user 
 +  * ''​mkdir /​var/​log/​codemeter && chown codemeter:​adm /​var/​log/​codemeter && chmod 750 /​var/​log/​codemeter''​ 
 +  * put CodeMeterLin and codemeter-info in ''/​opt/​codemeter/''​ (be sure to use the CodeMeterLin which the distribution package puts in /​usr/​share/​CodeMeter/​ -- the one in /usr/bin/ is just a wrapper script) 
 +  * put ''​Server.ini''​ in /​opt/​codemeter/​etc/:​ 
 +NOTE:  I ran into problems in which grub would hang and not boot properly when the CmDongle is attached. ​ There'​s a page (http://​www.wibu.com/​faq-codemeter/​s/​detail/​why-does-my-computer-not-boot-if-a-cmdongle-is-plugged-in.html) on the Wibu web site which discusses this, but that solution didn't work.  (maybe the problem they'​re discussing is actually with the BIOS and not grub?  maybe their solution only works when running the command in the host OS and not in a VM?)  I worked around the problem by disabling legacy USB support in the BIOS, but this has the infuriating side-effect of disabling boot and BIOS access to the server'​s built-in KVM-over-IP (which shows up as a USB device). ​ Argh!
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