Debian Jessie Desktop

  • base netinst install of jessie - deselect everything from tasksel
    • default partition layout (discard, noatime on root)
  • > /etc/motd
  • apt-get --no-install-recommends install aptitude
  • aptitude install ssh (this will pull in xauth, but that's okay)
  • aptitude install fbset screen rsync psmisc file patch ethtool strace tcpdump vim
  • aptitude --without-recommends install dnsutils
  • adduser tdobes adm
  • aptitude install dbus
  • sed -i -e 's/Port 22/Port 22\nPort 2222/g' /etc/ssh/sshd_config
  • sed -i -e 's/^deb.* main$/& contrib non-free/g' /etc/apt/sources.list
  • aptitude update && aptitude forget-new
  • aptitude install intel-microcode
  • aptitude install ifplugd
  • sed -i -e 's/^INTERFACES=""/INTERFACES="eth0"/g' /etc/default/ifplugd
  • sed -i -e 's/^allow-hotplug eth0/#allow-hotplug eth0/g' /etc/network/interfaces
  • aptitude --without-recommends install ntp
    echo '[Unit]' > /etc/systemd/system/ntp.service
    echo 'Description=Network Time Protocol daemon' >> /etc/systemd/system/ntp.service
    echo '' >> /etc/systemd/system/ntp.service
    echo >> /etc/systemd/system/ntp.service
    echo '[Service]' >> /etc/systemd/system/ntp.service
    echo 'ExecStart=/usr/sbin/ntpd -n -g -u ntp:ntp' >> /etc/systemd/system/ntp.service
    echo >> /etc/systemd/system/ntp.service
    echo '[Install]' >> /etc/systemd/system/ntp.service
    echo '' >> /etc/systemd/system/ntp.service
    systemctl enable ntp.service
  • mkdir -p /etc/systemd/system/ssh.socket.d
    echo '[Socket]' > /etc/systemd/system/ssh.socket.d/port-2222.conf
    echo 'ListenStream=2222' >> /etc/systemd/system/ssh.socket.d/port-2222.conf
    systemctl disable ssh.service && systemctl enable ssh.socket
  • mkdir -p /etc/systemd/system/getty\@tty1.service.d
    echo '[Service]' > /etc/systemd/system/getty\@tty1.service.d/noclear.conf
    echo 'TTYVTDisallocate=no' >> /etc/systemd/system/getty\@tty1.service.d/noclear.conf
  • systemctl mask networking.service # we use ifplugd instead
    echo 'D /run/network 0755 root root' > /etc/tmpfiles.d/debian-networking.conf
    echo 'F /run/network/ifstate 0644 root root - lo=lo' >> /etc/tmpfiles.d/debian-networking.conf
  • aptitude purge acpid acpi-support-base # systemd-logind takes care of this
  • systemctl mask keyboard-setup.service
    systemctl mask console-setup.service
    systemctl mask rc-local.service
  • aptitude install xserver-xorg-video-intel xserver-xorg-input-evdev
  • aptitude install xinit xdotool x11vnc x11-xserver-utils
  • aptitude install alsa-utils fonts-freefont-ttf
  • aptitude install xscreensaver xscreensaver-data-extra xscreensaver-gl xscreensaver-gl-extra
  • aptitude install kde-plasma-desktop kdeartwork ffmpegthumbs ark kcalc kcharselect kmix kplayer kdenlive kscreensaver-xsavers kdegraphics # deselect ksaneplugin kdegraphics-mobipocket kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer
  • aptitude --without-recommends install cifs-utils smbclient
  • wget -q -O - | apt-key add -
    echo 'deb stable main' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list
    aptitude update && aptitude forget-new && aptitude install google-chrome-stable
  • aptitude install pkg-mozilla-archive-keyring
    echo 'deb jessie-backports iceweasel-release' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mozilla.list
    aptitude update && aptitude forget-new && aptitude install iceweasel
  • aptitude install sshfs
  • aptitude install rdesktop xtightvncviewer
  • aptitude install pulseaudio
  • aptitude install default-jre icedtea-plugin # but deselect all the gnome nonsense first
  • aptitude install libreoffice-avmedia-backend-vlc libreoffice libreoffice-pdfimport libreoffice-help-en-us libreoffice-style-oxygen libreoffice-ogltrans
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