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Line 14: Line 14:
 echo '​lxc.aa_profile:​ unconfined'​ >> /​etc/​pve/​lxc/​VMID.conf echo '​lxc.aa_profile:​ unconfined'​ >> /​etc/​pve/​lxc/​VMID.conf
-mkdir /​root/​images +mkdir /root/fog-images 
-pct set VMID -mp0 mp=/​images,/​root/​images+pct set VMID -mp0 mp=/​images,/​root/​fog-images 
 +* for clonedeploy vm, on server: 
 +mkdir /​root/​cd-images 
 +pct set VMID -mp0 mp=/​cd_dp,/​root/​cd-images
 within both containers: within both containers:
Line 84: Line 88:
 echo '​create database clonedeploy;'​ | mysql -uroot -p echo '​create database clonedeploy;'​ | mysql -uroot -p
 mysql -uroot -p clonedeploy -v < cd.sql mysql -uroot -p clonedeploy -v < cd.sql
-echo grant all on '​clonedeploy.*'​ to clonedeploy@localhost identified by "'​dEPLOYcLONE815'"​ | mysql -uroot -p +# argh -- it insists on connecting to mysql as root -- how dumb is that?!? 
-sed -i -e '​s/​Uid=root;​Pwd=xx_marker1_xx;/​Uid=clonedeploy;​Pwd=dEPLOYcLONE815;/​g'​ /​var/​www/​html/​clonedeploy/​web.config+#echo grant all on '​clonedeploy.*'​ to clonedeploy@localhost identified by "'​dEPLOYcLONE815'"​ | mysql -uroot -p 
 +#sed -i -e '​s/​Uid=root;​Pwd=xx_marker1_xx;/​Uid=clonedeploy;​Pwd=dEPLOYcLONE815;/g' /​var/​www/​html/​clonedeploy/​web.config 
 +sed -i -e '​s/​Pwd=xx_marker1_xx;/​Pwd=MYSQLROOTPASSWORD;/g' /​var/​www/​html/​clonedeploy/​web.config
 sed -i -e '​s/​xx_marker2_xx/​894cnMRSQ735/​g'​ /​var/​www/​html/​clonedeploy/​web.config sed -i -e '​s/​xx_marker2_xx/​894cnMRSQ735/​g'​ /​var/​www/​html/​clonedeploy/​web.config
Line 113: Line 119:
 sed -i -e '​s|^TFTP_DIRECTORY="/​srv/​tftp"​$|TFTP_DIRECTORY="/​tftpboot"​|g'​ /​etc/​default/​tftpd-hpa sed -i -e '​s|^TFTP_DIRECTORY="/​srv/​tftp"​$|TFTP_DIRECTORY="/​tftpboot"​|g'​ /​etc/​default/​tftpd-hpa
 systemctl restart tftpd-hpa systemctl restart tftpd-hpa
 +go to http://​​clonedeploy/​ in a browser
 +(username: clonedeploy ... password: password)
 +enter a better admin password (twice), the server IP, and the previously specified samba passwords, then click "​Finalize Setup"
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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