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 echo '​lxc.aa_profile:​ unconfined'​ >> /​etc/​pve/​lxc/​VMID.conf echo '​lxc.aa_profile:​ unconfined'​ >> /​etc/​pve/​lxc/​VMID.conf
-mkdir /​root/​images +mkdir /root/fog-images 
-pct set VMID -mp0 mp=/​images,/​root/​images+pct set VMID -mp0 mp=/​images,/​root/​fog-images 
 +* for clonedeploy vm, on server: 
 +mkdir /​root/​cd-images 
 +pct set VMID -mp0 mp=/​cd_dp,/​root/​cd-images
 within both containers: within both containers:
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