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 systemctl start browser systemctl start browser
 +  * convenience shortcuts:<​code>​
 +echo '#​!/​bin/​sh'​ > /​usr/​local/​sbin/​display_off.sh
 +echo "su -s /bin/sh display -c '​DISPLAY=:​0 xset dpms force off'"​ >> /​usr/​local/​sbin/​display_off.sh
 +chmod +x /​usr/​local/​sbin/​display_off.sh
 +echo '#​!/​bin/​sh'​ > /​usr/​local/​sbin/​display_on.sh
 +echo "su -s /bin/sh display -c '​DISPLAY=:​0 xset dpms force on'"​ >> /​usr/​local/​sbin/​display_on.sh
 +chmod +x /​usr/​local/​sbin/​display_on.sh
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 on on
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