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   * ''​vi /​etc/​vim/​vimrc''​ # -- and uncomment autocmd block for jumping to last position   * ''​vi /​etc/​vim/​vimrc''​ # -- and uncomment autocmd block for jumping to last position
   * ''​aptitude update && aptitude forget-new && aptitude full-upgrade''​   * ''​aptitude update && aptitude forget-new && aptitude full-upgrade''​
-  * ''​aptitude install icecast mpd mpc ncmpc''​ +  * ''​aptitude install ​ca-certificates''​ 
 +  * ''​aptitude install icecast2''​ # select "​No"​ to skip configuration;​ it seems to be broken and doesn'​t actually edit anything... WTF? 
 +  * setup icecast:<​code>​ 
 +sed -i -e '​s/​\(<​location>​\).*\(<​\/​location>​\)/​\1Hobart,​ IN\2/​g'​ -e '​s/​\(<​admin>​\).*\(<​\/​admin>​\)/​\1webmaster@m-mproductions.com\2/​g'​ -e '​s/​\(<​sources>​\).*\(<​\/​sources>​\)/​\110\2/​g'​ -e '​s/​\(<​source-password>​\).*\(<​\/​source-password>​\)/​\1**PASSWORD**\2/​g'​ -e '​s/​\(<​relay-password>​\).*\(<​\/​relay-password>​\)/​\1**PASSWORD**\2/​g'​ -e '​s/​\(<​admin-password>​\).*\(<​\/​admin-password>​\)/​\1**PASSWORD**\2/​g'​ -e '​s/​\(<​hostname>​\).*\(<​\/​hostname>​\)/​\1radio.m-mproductions.com\2/​g'​ /​etc/​icecast2/​icecast.xml 
 +sed -i '​s/​ENABLE=false/​ENABLE=true/​g'​ /​etc/​default/​icecast2 
 +systemctl restart icecast2 
 +  * ''​%%aptitude --without-recommends install ​mpd mpc ncmpc%%''​ 
 +  * merge in changes from ''/​mnt/​old/​etc/​mpd.conf''​ into ''/​etc/​mpd.conf''​ and migrate over mpd state: <​code>​ 
 +systemctl stop mpd.service 
 +diff -u /​mnt/​old/​etc/​mpd.conf.orig /​mnt/​old/​etc/​mpd.conf > ~/​mpdconf.diff || cp -p /​etc/​mpd.conf /​etc/​mpd.conf.orig && cd / && patch -p3 < ~/​mpdconf.diff && cd - && rm ~/​mpdconf.diff 
   * migrate ssh keys: ''​cp -a /​mnt/​old/​etc/​ssh/​ssh_host_*key* /​etc/​ssh/''​   * migrate ssh keys: ''​cp -a /​mnt/​old/​etc/​ssh/​ssh_host_*key* /​etc/​ssh/''​
   * migrate homes: ''​%%rsync -aix --del /​mnt/​old/​home/​ /​home/​%%''​   * migrate homes: ''​%%rsync -aix --del /​mnt/​old/​home/​ /​home/​%%''​
 +  * migrate recordings: ''​%%rsync -aix --del /​mnt/​old/​var/​local/​music /var/local/ && chown -R mpd /​var/​local/​music/​recordings%%''​
 +  * migrate playlists: ''​%%rsync -aix --del /​mnt/​old/​var/​lib/​mpd/​playlists/​ /​var/​lib/​mpd/​playlists/​ && chown -R mpd /​var/​lib/​mpd/​playlists%%''​
 +  * start mpd and update database: ''​%%systemctl start mpd && sleep 2 && mpc update%%''​
 +  * migrate mpd state: <​code>​
 +systemctl stop mpd
 +cp -a /​mnt/​old/​var/​lib/​mpd/​state /​var/​lib/​mpd/​state && chown mpd /​var/​lib/​mpd/​state
 +systemctl start mpd
 +mpc play # not sure why this is needed, but running it anyway
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