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 +====== Recipe for Container running Mumble Server (murmurd) ======
 +//LXC Container - Debian 10//
 +  * Create CT:  debian 10.3 lxc template, 4 cpu limit, 10 gb hdd, 1024 mb ram, 512 mb swap
 +  * //...in the container...//​
 +  * reset the root password (since proxmox sets it using an older, less-secure hashing algorithm): ''​passwd''​
 +  * use console:<​code>​
 +adduser tdobes adm
 +adduser tdobes systemd-journal</​code>​...now you can ssh in
 +  * ''​%%sed -i -e '​s/"​syntax on/syntax on/g' -e '​s/"​set background=dark/​set background=dark/​g'​ -e '​s/"​set showcmd/set showcmd/​g'​ -e '​s/"​set showmatch/​set showmatch/​g'​ -e '​s/"​set ignorecase/​set ignorecase/​g'​ -e '​s/"​set smartcase/​set smartcase/​g'​ -e '​s/"​set incsearch/​set incsearch/​g'​ -e '​s/"​set autowrite/​set autowrite/​g'​ -e '​s/"​set hidden/set hidden/​g'​ -e '​s/"​set mouse=a/set mouse=nic/​g'​ -e '​s/"​au BufReadPost/​au BufReadPost/​g'​ /​etc/​vim/​vimrc%%''​
 +  * ''​aptitude update && aptitude forget-new && aptitude full-upgrade''​
 +  * <​code>​
 +aptitude --without-recommends install mumble-server
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