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 su -c "/​usr/​bin/​wineboot"​ -s /bin/sh netsentinel su -c "/​usr/​bin/​wineboot"​ -s /bin/sh netsentinel
 su -c "/​usr/​lib/​wine/​wineserver -k" -s /bin/sh netsentinel</​code>​ su -c "/​usr/​lib/​wine/​wineserver -k" -s /bin/sh netsentinel</​code>​
 +  * the netsentinel user needs to own /​dev/​parport0
 +  * the netsentinel user needs to own /​opt/​netsentinel/​.wine -- but does not necessarily need write permissions. ​ I did this:  ''​chown -R root:root /​opt/​netsentinel/​.wine && chown netsentinel /​opt/​netsentinel/​.wine && chmod 555 /​opt/​netsentinel/​.wine''​
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