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 # remove subscription nag popup # remove subscription nag popup
 # see http://​www.howdididothat.info/​2015/​11/​08/​proxmox-4-pve-no-subscription/​ # see http://​www.howdididothat.info/​2015/​11/​08/​proxmox-4-pve-no-subscription/​
-sed -i.bak "​s/​data.status !== '​Active'/​false/​g"​ /​usr/​share/​pve-manager/​ext6/​pvemanagerlib.js+# old location: ​sed -i.bak "​s/​data.status !== '​Active'/​false/​g"​ /​usr/​share/​pve-manager/​ext6/​pvemanagerlib.js 
 +sed -i.bak "​s/​data.status !== '​Active'/​false/​g"​ /​usr/​share/​pve-manager/​js/​pvemanagerlib.js
 </​code>​ </​code>​
   * OPTIONAL: ''​aptitude install zfsutils''​   * OPTIONAL: ''​aptitude install zfsutils''​
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