Proxmox uses tags as well as names to associate logical volumes in LVM to a VM or container.

To see the tags on each logical volume, run this: lvs -o lv_name,lv_tags,lv_size,vg_name

To move a logical volume from one VM to another, run these commands (removing and adding another tag):

lvrename /dev/hdd6tb/vm-104-disk-1 vm-204-disk-1
lvchange --deltag pve-vm-104 /dev/hdd6tb/vm-204-disk-1
lvchange --addtag pve-vm-204 /dev/hdd6tb/vm-204-disk-1
sed -i -e 's/hdd6tb:vm-104-disk-1,/hdd6tb:vm-204-disk-1,/' /etc/pve/lxc/104.conf
sed -i -e 's/hdd6tb:vm-104-disk-1,/hdd6tb:vm-204-disk-1,/' /etc/pve/lxc/204.conf
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