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 # Clean-up and optimization # Clean-up and optimization
-systemctl disable rsyslog.service+systemctl disable rsyslog.service
 systemctl disable rsync.service systemctl disable rsync.service
 systemctl disable sshswitch.service systemctl disable sshswitch.service
-systemctl stop rsyslog.service +systemctl stop rsyslog.service 
-rm /​var/​log/​auth.log* /​var/​log/​daemon.log* /​var/​log/​debug /​var/​log/​kern.log* /​var/​log/​messages /​var/​log/​user.log* /​var/​log/​syslog+rm /​var/​log/​auth.log* /​var/​log/​daemon.log* /​var/​log/​debug /​var/​log/​kern.log* /​var/​log/​messages /​var/​log/​user.log* /​var/​log/​syslog
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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