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 echo >> /​usr/​local/​bin/​browser1.sh echo >> /​usr/​local/​bin/​browser1.sh
 echo '​NETWORK_CHECK=router'​ >> /​usr/​local/​bin/​browser1.sh echo '​NETWORK_CHECK=router'​ >> /​usr/​local/​bin/​browser1.sh
-echo '​URL=http://​home.packhead.com:​9090/​bundles/​glpa-infodisplay/​graphics/​info-display.html'​ >> /​usr/​local/​bin/​browser1.sh+echo '​URL=http://​glpa.org:​9090/​bundles/​glpa-infodisplay/​graphics/​info-display.html?stream=1' >> /​usr/​local/​bin/​browser1.sh 
 +# TODO: update above parameter based on hostname instead of hardcoding. ​ For now, video1 => stream=1, video2 => stream=2, etc.
 echo >> /​usr/​local/​bin/​browser1.sh echo >> /​usr/​local/​bin/​browser1.sh
 echo 'echo -n waiting for network'​ >> /​usr/​local/​bin/​browser1.sh echo 'echo -n waiting for network'​ >> /​usr/​local/​bin/​browser1.sh
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