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 cp -a /​etc/​heyu/​x10config.sample /​etc/​heyu/​x10.conf cp -a /​etc/​heyu/​x10config.sample /​etc/​heyu/​x10.conf
 sed -i -e $'​s|^TTY\\\t\\\t ​ /​dev/​ttyS0|TTY\\\t\\\t ​ /​dev/​ttyUSB0|g'​ /​etc/​heyu/​x10.conf sed -i -e $'​s|^TTY\\\t\\\t ​ /​dev/​ttyS0|TTY\\\t\\\t ​ /​dev/​ttyUSB0|g'​ /​etc/​heyu/​x10.conf
 +tar -czf heyu-rpi.tar.gz /etc/heyu /​etc/​systemd/​system/​heyu.service /​etc/​tmpfiles.d/​heyu.conf /opt/heyu /​usr/​local/​bin/​heyu /​usr/​local/​share/​man/​man1/​heyu.1 /​usr/​local/​share/​man/​man5/​x10config.5 /​usr/​local/​share/​man/​man5/​x10sched.5 /​usr/​local/​share/​man/​man5/​x10scripts.5
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 ==== Precompiled binary ==== ==== Precompiled binary ====
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