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aptitude install samba winbind
** but deselect dbus

** update smb.conf

** update nsswitch.conf on servers which aren't software

# does this work?  It should update "ulimit -n" so testparm and smbstatus don't complain anymore
echo '* - nofile 16384' > samba_rlimit_max.conf

net ads join -U tdobes
** DNS error is normal

on software:
echo 'options loop max_loop=64' > /etc/modprobe.d/many_loop_devices.conf
mkdir /mnt/software
echo >> /etc/fstab
echo '	/mnt/software	nfs	udp,intr,nfsvers=3	0	0' >> /etc/fstab
mount /mnt/software
mkdir /mnt/cdimage
ln -s /mnt/software/auto.cdimage /etc/
echo >> /etc/auto.master
echo '/mnt/cdimage	/etc/auto.cdimage' >> /etc/auto.master

for mcp storage:
adduser --uid 1001 scanner
**don't specify a password
** Name: MCP Scanner
chsh -s /bin/false scanner
smbpasswd -L -a scanner
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