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 chgrp shellinabox /​var/​lib/​shellinabox/​certificate.pem chgrp shellinabox /​var/​lib/​shellinabox/​certificate.pem
 chmod g+r /​var/​lib/​shellinabox/​certificate.pem chmod g+r /​var/​lib/​shellinabox/​certificate.pem
 +mv "/​etc/​shellinabox/​options-enabled/​00+Black on White.css"​ "/​etc/​shellinabox/​options-enabled/​00_Black on White.css"​
 +mv "/​etc/​shellinabox/​options-enabled/​00_White On Black.css"​ "/​etc/​shellinabox/​options-enabled/​00+White On Black.css" ​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 ...at this point, it's working on port 4200 ...at this point, it's working on port 4200
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