2017 Solar Eclipse

For the 2017 Solar Eclipse we plan to provide a real-view stream of the eclipse as seen from Merrillville. The stream will consist of three cameras on the roof as well as one mobile unit that we can use for interviews and on-screen work.

Camera Sources

There will be four main cameras used for the event.

  • Camera 1 – DSLR attached to 10“ Celestron telescope
  • Camera 2 – Canon camera with normal framing
  • Camera 3 – Canon camera with wide-angle viewing
  • Camera 4 – Mobile Canon camera
Camera 1 -- Main Telescope

This camera is going to be the primary feed and will use an HDMI scaler attached to Gregg's Canon DSLR. We will convert it from HDMI to SDI using a converter on the roof and send it down using the existing roof-to-equipment room cabling.

Camera 2 and 3 -- Normal and Wide shots

Camera 2 and 3 will be normal Canon cameras that will be capturing a normal view of the sky with both a standard lense and a wide angle lense. These cameras will be on the roof and will be converted to SDI and brought downstairs using the roof-to-equipment room cabling.

Camera 4 -- Mobile

The forth camera will be mobile and able to be used for on-camera work or run out to various locations within MCP for impromptu reasoning.

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