2017 Pleiades Stream Todos

The 2017 GLPA conference is actually a national conference for all 7 regions of the US. This conference will pose some unique challenges, but there's also some enhancements we would like to make to the process. Some of these items on the todo are wishlist items we may never get to, but are here for when we have some down time (ha!).

Video Production


NodeCG is a graphics toolset we would like to make use of, particularly on the second and third video streams. The software would primarily be used to generate nameplates for the video streams. Probably not much else. This runs on NodeJS and we could probably stuff it into the Windows streamer box. This software will require some configuration including bundles which would contain the necessary graphics and JavaScript to generate the images. There are some bundles already provided by the maintainer of NodeCG which we could look at for reference:

NodeCG is going to take some work but will add some serious quality to the production on carts 2 and 3 – we should really try to get this one done this year. Even a basic lower third would be great.

Streaming Components


In 2016 we tried to use Voctomix along with the HDMI encoders that Tom discovered. We quickly ran into issues with ffmpeg and the HDMI encoders when used with voctocore. Tom recently discovered that others have found these devices send out a 0-byte frame occassionally, which causes ffmpeg to freak the heck out. An iptables rule would stop that packet and perhaps let voctocore run properly. Using voctocore would be ideal – we could run the a core server out on the colo server that would be able to maintain a constant stream to our streaming destinations. We would broadcast to it from the conference. We need to try this software out again.

HDMI Encoders

Tom has obtained a more feature-rich firmware for the devices with one major perk for us: dumb resolution reduction is gone! Firmware update party I guess.


The cameras that Tom has work at a 29.97 framerate. YouTube has, to our knowledge, required a framerate of 30. Either we would need to upscale to 30 (which we have concerns about) or try to see if YouTube now accepts 29.97. According to the YouTube encoder settings page they are now accepting anything up to 60. So, maybe we try sending 29.97?

Live Stream page

The live.pleiades2017.com web site needs a functionality overhaul. Tom and Steve worked on a JSON-based schedule viewer. We're beginning to think we could trim down the data to make our life easier while improving navigation. Steve has mocked up two simple web designs to start with – we will need to finalize these and try to implement.

Additionally if we are sending to YouTube we may want to check out using some third party players or using the YouTube player API. This would be required to have the streams launch automatically when viewing the page, but keeping the audio muted. There is some documentation to mute audio with autostart, so that may be an option. A third party player option that Tom found is Particle. This may require some investigation as it's unclear at this late hour if it's a browser extension or a web component. Looks to be the former.

Streaming Destinations

We have wanted to add some additional streaming destinations due to their functionality or exposure they provide. We need to look at adding these this year:

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